The Effect of Bioactive Whey protein Concentrate (WPC), Commercial Whey Protein, and Casein on Immune Response
    Bounous G, Batist G. Immunoenhancing property of dietary whey protein in mice:
    Role of glutathione. Clin Invest Med 12:154-61, 1989.
    Optimization of the immune response in animals fed the Patented Bioactive Whey Protein Concentrate (WPC) occured because of significantly greater glutathione production (>120%) in their lymphocytes (immune cells or white blood cells) than those animals fed Commercial WPC or Casein. This increased glutathione production following Bioactive Whey protein Concentrate (WPC) supplementation was attributed to the abundance of known glutathione dietary precursors including serum albumin, alpha lactalbumin, and lactoferrin. Commercial whey protein contains significantly less of these precursors of glutathione. Additionally, the immunosustaining effect of Bioactive Whey protein Concentrate (WPC) Patented WPC was significantly greater than that of soy protein isolate in a study conducted by Bounous et al in Canada.

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Nutritional Supplement Advisor. April 9, 2000