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Immunocal Platinum

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More than 100,000 people use Immunocal Patented Bioactive Whey Protein Isolate with results that keep them buying immunocal month after month, year after year.
Immunocal is Clincally Proven to boost Glutathione levels. Only Immunocal is listed in the Physician's Desk Reference as something for Doctors to prescribe to Patients.
Each cell in your body has between 12 and 22 thousand Mitochondria power plants inside them. Glutathione Boost their energy, making each cell more energetic and productive.

Production of Immunocal Bioactive Whey Protein meets or exceeds the requirements of the USDA for dairy products. The total bacterial count is less than 1000/g with no detectable pathogens and/or antibiotics. The whey protein concentrate (WPC) marketed as Immunocal Bioactive Whey Protein has been tested in hundreds of laboratory experiments on mice (20% in formula diets) from 1980 to 1992 without any signs of toxicity. WPC fed mice were not distinguishable from controls, in terms of growth rate, hair appearance, serum protein, etc.

Immunocal Bioactive Whey Protein has also been administered in clinical trials in adults and children in doses varying from 10g to 40g per day without side effects. In addition, Immunocal Bioactive Whey Protein is sold in Canada, the United States, Europe, Japan, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan and other countries to thousands of customers and no clinically relevant complications have been reported.

Immunocal is Listed in the Physicians Desk Reference and recommended for Doctors to Prescribe it.
You can read it at:

Here's an Exceprt:
IMMUNOCAL Nutraceutical - Glutathione precursor (Bonded cysteine™ supplement) - Powder Sachets


IMMUNOCAL® is a specially formulated undenatured whey protein isolate. It holds several patents in the USA and worldwide and is listed by the FDA in the category of GRAS (generally recognized as safe). It assists the body in maintaining optimal concentrations of glutathione (GSH) by supplying the precursors required for intracellular glutathione synthesis. It is clinically proven to raise glutathione values.
Glutathione is a tripeptide made intracellularly from its constituent amino acids L-glutamate, L-cysteine and glycine. The sulfhydryl (thiol) group (SH) of cysteine is responsible for the biological activity of glutathione. Provision of this amino acid is the rate-limiting factor in glutathione synthesis by the cells since bioavailable cysteine is relatively rare in foodstuffs.
Immunocal® is a bovine whey protein isolate specially prepared so as to provide a rich source of bioavailable cysteine. Immunocal® can thus be viewed as a cysteine delivery system.
The disulphide bond in cystine is pepsin and trypsin resistant but may be split by heat, low pH or mechanical stress releasing free cysteine. When subject to heat or shearing forces (inherent in most extraction processes), the fragile disulfide bonds within the peptides are broken and the bioavailablility of cysteine is greatly diminished.
Glutathione is a tightly regulated intracellular constituent and is limited in its production by negative feedback inhibition of its own synthesis through the enzyme gamma-glutamylcysteine synthetase, thus greatly minimizing any possibility of overdosage.

* 21 Code of Federal Regulations §184.1979c affirms whey protein concentrates as GRAS and the FDA has determined there are no questions regarding safety for human consumption. REFERENCES

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IMMUNOCAL Glutathione-Enhancing Bioactive Whey Protein

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