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The Aroma Patch releases a mild, sweet aroma and works as a device designed to act as a constant gentle reminder to help you stick to your diet and exercise program. Smell is one of our strongest senses. The sense of smell and taste are closely related, as we loste our ability to taste when we have a cold or flu and our nose is congested and we are unable to smell. Everyday aromas are captured by receptors in the nose and at the back of the throat. The signals from these receptors are then transmitted directly to the limbic area of the brain, which controls our sense of smell and keeps the odor-memory. It may be possible to form and retain in your memory, an association between eating patterns and a certain smell, making it easier for you to stick to your diet whenever you come across that particular smell.


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Our sense of smell is also linked directly to our emotions, which is why an aroma can stimulate memory and influence our eating and behavior patterns. The aroma of certain foods, such as sweet foods and chocolate can stimulate a powerful desire, even craving, which is very difficult to resist and is the reason for the failure of many dieting attempts. By forming an association between a specific smell and a desire to manage your food intake, you can learn to eat healthy foods and regain control of your weight.

The Science of Smell: For information on smell and it's effect on weight loss and appetite suppression, click here: Aroma Patch: Aromatherapy for weight loss.

How The Patch Works: The small, round, comfortable to wear aromapatch is impregnated with the fragrance of tropical vanilla, and is comfortably worn on the hand, wrist or inside a shirt on the chest. It is NOT transdermal and does not enter the bloodstream, therefore, it will not interfere with any medication. Totally natural and 100% safe, the Aroma Patch was created to promote health and wellness without the side effects or potential abuse normally associated with many diet-aid medications.

Any claims that you can lose weight effortlessly, are false. The only way to lose weight is to reduce the number of calories you eat and increase the number of calories you burn off through exercise. However, losing weight does not need to be complicated. To achieve long term results, it's best to avoid quick-fix schemes and complex regimens. Focus instead on making modest changes in your life's routine.

The Aroma Patch, when used in conjunction with a calorie-reduced diet and moderate exercise, can help you develop and maintain a healthier and more balanced way of life. Average weight loss in the clinical studies was about 12 pounds. If you look good, you feel good!

Included with one month's supply 28 Aroma Patches comes a Lifestyle Support Plan. Developed by professionals in the Health and Nutrition field, this Lifestyle Support Plan includes suggested foods, recipes and a healthy eating plan to assist you to achieve a long life weight control goal. Aroma patches are not transdermal and therefore do not enter the bloodstream or interfere with any medication.


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