"...With our patented liquid Collagen CALORAD® 2000 AM & PM weight loss technology, you can lose 3 pounds of fat per month...THREE of these per month."


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That is the key!   If you are truly losing fat (instead of water weight and important lean muscle), you will also lose size (inches). Most diets do not work because dieters limit their caloric intake so severely, they begin to lose water weight and burn essential lean muscle. You cannot maintain a calorie-restricted diet forever. When you come off the diet, you gain the weight back. Often you gain even more weight than you lost. Why does this happen? Approximately 95% of the dieters in America gain all the weight back they lost during their diet because most dieters also lose lean muscle along with the fat. Every pound of lean muscle that you lose, you lose the ability to burn 50 calories at rest. Our product helps to maintain precious lean muscle. This helps you lose the weight and keep it off!





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